Defiance 2050 Has Begun A New Event titled Mayhem And Mutiny, New Arkfalls Are Dropping Across The Bay Area Sparking A New Challenge To Be Defeated

Dark Matter mayhem is coming to Defiance 2050 in a brand new Mayhem and Mutiny event. Players will have to fight against Zor and his powerful Mutineers in a new set of Major Arkfalls.

New Dark Matter tech will make the fight against Zor an extra challenge as it projects his lifeforce into holograms. As long as the holograms are standing Zor is impossible to harm, it is up to the brave Ark Hunters to find a way to end this Mutiny and defeat Zor.

This event will be running for four weeks, starting on February 10 and ending on March 9. The event is bringing with it a new Event Prototype, Synergy, Pursuit, Contracts, Mod Fusion, and much more.

Players will find that a new pursuit has been added to the Holiday Goals list. Anyone who completes this event pursuit will gain 20 inventory slots and the Anarchist title as a reward. New contracts are also available within the event for additional rewards.

Players can complete a daily contract to receive 12 Purified Gulanite and 10 Reputation and a weekly contract that lets players gain a guaranteed Legendary weapon with Devouring Essence Fusion Set and 50 reputations.

For those that do not know about the new mod fusion Devouring Essence, it has only just made its way into Paradise. Devouring Essence weapons and mods will both drop from the Mayhem and Mutiny caches available from the Ex Inanis vendors and the Defiance 2050 store.

New event synergy has appeared, bringing something good to the community. Players that collect all the Crystals for the full potential of Synergy will be able to confuse their opponents with holograms. If simply duplicating was not enough, then feel proud that you can finish off your enemies with a massive explosion as all of the Holograms will be able to explode upon death.

Mayhem and Mutiny is also bringing a new themed prototype titled “Eshkizhiwa.” It is a one of a kind pistol that can lock onto a target from far away and fire a burst of homing projectiles at it. To get this prototype, players must complete both daily and weekly event contracts and talk to the Paradise Territory Vendor. Do note that this weapon is only available while the event is live.

Defiance 2050 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is free to play, and the event comes free of charge with the download. You will find an interesting sci-fi RPG that constantly evolves over time as it gives new content to its growing community.

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